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2022 © Petteri Cederberg

When opposing forces or influences are equal, equilibrium is reached. Regardless of what chaos and imbalance may be present internally or externally, the overall result is one of balance. This comforting notion is the focus of this animation.

Still images of "Equibilirium"

Evolution in standstill
2021 © Petteri Cederberg

Animation contemplates the effects of isolation and forced stoppage of movement on the life of an individual. During prolonged isolation the view shifts from outer-world and future inwards and the life lived. Where one actually is and how has one lived? What is left from all of it? After constant movement and change staying still and not moving will result in great leap forward. The evolution in standstill.

Still images of "Transformation in standstill"

Median life and / or death
2019 © Petteri Cederberg

A study of lives of individuals which are at the same time upmost meaningful and utterly meaningless. Every humans life is both indispensable and indifferent. From the perspective of humankind individuals life and death is meaningless, but at the same time mankind would not exist without individuals. Everybody and no-one matters.

Still images of "Median life and /or death"

With colour – with sound 

2016 © Petteri Cederberg

A personal attempt to portray infinity “with colour – with sound”. The concept of infinity is both fascinating and frustrating. How can something be infinite? Is there something beyond infinite? Infinity can be approached with imagination or mathematics – yet it can never be attained. Each frame of the animation is a painting or a drawing. The soundtrack is composed of manipulated recordings.


2013 © Petteri Cederberg

What is truth? Is there such thing as the truth? One doesn’t see things as they are; one sees them as one is. The animation is Cederberg’s abstract, and inescapably doomed, attempt to visualize the absolute truth. 


2012 © Petteri Cederberg

Animation is a hunt for knowledge using series of images. There is no final answer just endless amount of questions – and images.


2011 © Petteri Cederberg

After having made paintings and drawings for many years Cederberg started to get interested in the processes of making an image. ”Overdoing” his paintings and drawings was happening occasionally. This animation brings visible the processes of drawing and painting.

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